• Prerequisite: PS 3003, with a grade of C or higher. This course capstones the process conducted in PS 3003 by requiring the student to demonstrate competencies required of a professional in the student's specialty area in an actual business or industry setting. The student will assume a leadership role in presenting the outcomes of the needs assessment to a group of company stakeholders. On the basis of empirical research conducted throughout the assessment process, the student will recommend relevant strategies for addressing the identified problem/s. A review of the literature will serve to either validate or reject the strategies selected. A continuous process improvement model will be developed along with a detailed continuous process improvement plan which must be approved and accepted by all relevant stakeholders. The final component of the course will require the student to demonstrate presentation ability, appropriate leadership styles, critical thinking, and communications skills in a formal presentation of the strategic plan to the group responsible for implementing the strategies. Note: Student must earn a grade of C or higher